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About our Survey Software

Survey Software allows companies to increase customer and employee satisfaction. You can conduct research on future customers or current customers. Inspire web surveyor allows you to collect quantitative and qualitative information. For example you could create a survey to find out the level of satisfaction an end user has with your customer support department. What makes our survey software great is its fully customizable; you create your own questions dynamically, and also can edit and revise them. You can send out surveys via unique URL, or via email.

This software has two levels of access, the first being the survey administrator who creates new survey managers. The survey administrator’s role is to manage user accounts of those that will be using the software. The administrators can also create survey templates; this is good way to provide survey managers with a few pre formatted surveys to get them started on creating their own. The survey administrator can also view all survey results.

The primary purpose of the survey managers, who can be created by the administrators, is to create custom surveys and get feed back from end users.

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